Saturday, December 20, 2014

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!

            It is ski season now, but we are still fishing on the Lower San Juan River with both wade and float trips. Most days in the winter the temperatures are 20 degrees warmer that Pagosa Springs. So if you come to town and are not going skiing, lets go fishing.

            Our fall fishing in the Everglades was great this year. We found all kinds of new water and caught some great fish. In the fall we target Snook and Redfish most of the time, but we also got into a bunch of Tarpon and we found a few areas that consistently had Baby Tarpon. If you have ever had the itch to fly fish in the saltwater or have fished other areas in the Salt you need to check out Fly Fishing in the Everglades Nat. Park and the 10,000 Islands on the West Coast of Florida. For the upcoming Tarpon Season, I am offering readers of this fishing report some big savings. For fishing trips in April & May of 2015 that are 3 days or longer, the rate will be $450 a day. A savings of $100 a day!

Make sure to visit the Laid Up Charters web site (

Here are some pictures from October and November.

This Snook was way in the backcountry, the water was almost fresh. 

Baby Poon.. We call them Crack Heads!

Nice Redfish.

Baby Tarpon in a tiny creek.

Nothing wrong with catching 2 Tarpon!

Nice Snook.

First Redfish.

Big Redfish on a Slam Day.. Redfish, Snook, Trout, and a Tarpon.

The second Tarpon to the boat on the Slam Day!

Bird Shot!

A Laid Up Tarpon tail 10 feet from the boat! No rod in the hand, just a camera trying to get some cool pictures!

Big Redfish in the backcountry.

A Crack Head and Sarah!

Stocky backcountry Snook.

Scott Taylor

While you are in town make sure that you visit the following businesses!

Need Fly Fishing gear? See Pop's
Let it Fly
 Downtown Pagosa Springs, across from Kip’s

Hungry for Adventure?
Pagosa Outside Adventures - Rafting, Biking, Kayaking, Tubing
Downtown Pagosa Springs

Need Ski Rentals?
Pagosa Ski Rental (PSR)
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