Monday, May 25, 2020

We Are Open!

Yes we are open!

Happy Memorial Day! I would like to thank everyone who has served as well as all Police Officers, Fire Fighters, and everyone who works in our health care system. This has been a very tough time for all businesses and individuals, and not just in the US. With some states opening up, which I am for, we have to do it wisely. Even in the fishing business. Here are some of our Protocols for Covid-19. 

First of all we are asking all guests, that if they are sick, stay at home. We have had very little exposure to Covid-19, and being a tourist / ski town our guests from out of town might bring it here. If you are sick please stay at home. If you or a family member is feeling sick while visiting, please stay in your condo, rental or hotel.

We are asking all guests to drive themselves to the area you will be fishing. Social Distancing is a must, and when we are with in 6 feet everyone needs to wear a mask, bandana, buff, or some type of face covering.

We are asking all guests to pack their own snacks, lunches and waters. The less we handle items you might consume, the better.

With the outbreak in San Juan County, NM we are offering (at this time) wade trips only on the lower San Juan River. There is no way to Social Distance in a drift boat.

On our part, I will be disinfecting all equipment (rods, reels, waders, wading shoes, etc) at the end of every day for all the guides.

I have been doing this for the last 2 weeks, and our guests have all helped us out with our Covid-19 Protocols. No one has complained. Let's work together, and go fishing!

Scott Taylor 
Owner / Guide

Sydney with a chunky Rainbow!
 Dillon fishing some awesome pocket water in the Blanco Basin
Dillon with his first trout (brown trout) on a fly rod.
Madison with her first trout on the fly!
 Livia, with a double!!! Rainbow and a Brook Trout.
 Becks Supper Bugger has been working well!