Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Spring Runoff and Fishing in the Everglades!

Big Bow on the Lower San Juan Float Trip in late March!

The fishing has still been good around the Pagosa Springs area, but changes are on the way with spring runoff. As always, the “Quality Waters” section of the lower San Juan below the Dam in NM will still be fishing good throughout spring runoff.  If the BOR does let excess water flows out to flush the river, it is usually after runoff in Pagosa Springs. All of our Forest Service permits in the San Juans will open for guiding on May 15. Generally all the access roads are closed until that date. If the fishing conditions are good during runoff we will be fishing the Private Waters on the San Juan and the Navajo. Otherwise we will be fishing in NM on the “Quality Waters”.

Strong, hard pulling Brown on the same day!

                The flows on the streams are still good and safe to wade, it just depends on the clarity. The San Juan in town is a 406 cfs today but was at 900 cfs 3 days ago. The Navajo is at 38 cfs, but jumped to 55 cfs 3 days ago. When the fishing is still safe, keep in mind that the highest water will be in the morning and early afternoon is usually lower. Below the dam the water is at 596 cfs. I like that a lot better than the 350 cfs it was at before I came to FL.

Bob with a nice Snook!

                The water temps in the Everglades have been around 77 degrees on the outside and up to 80 in some of the back waters. The fishing was really good and we saw lots of reds, and then the wind came. That was a tough day. Now it has calmed a bit, the water is not as stirred up. Out of the last 5 days (after the big blow) we have hooked Tarpon every day, just haven’t got them to the boat. We have some nice tides next week, so everything should improve.

Amanda with her first Tarpon. Way to go!

Over the slot Redfish!

Nice birthday Snook for Jack!

Sheepshead on the fly!