Friday, October 14, 2016

Fishing in the Everglades

Now that hurricane Matthew has passed us by the fishing has picked up. It has still been windy, but that is the way it goes in the Fall. We fished in the Estuary Owners Tournament and we got the first place Redfish. We beat the bait guys on the fly, and Steve even sight fished, the Redfish!

Bragging rights for a Year!

Most of our fishing on the windy days, have put us in the creeks, and mouths of even smaller creeks for a shot or two. Then making runs for similar types of creeks with the same exposure. The best fly for the Redfish has been the Squirmy Crab in all black. I also landed a nice Sheepshead (one of the hardest fish to catch on the fly) on the Squirmy and then drooped it on my foot. Ouch..Lucky no infection followed. Tomorrow is the first day of Stone Crab Season, I know what we are having for dinner.

Here are some recent pictures from the Glades.