Saturday, July 23, 2016

Good Fishing in July, bring the rain for August!

Well we were waiting for run off to be over in late June and early July. Now 23 days into July, the plug was pulled and the water is leaving fast. On July 1st the flows were at 600 cfs and most of the waters were tough to wade fish with beginners and the holes were limited. Today the flows are at 62 cfs! Crazy, we need some rain. Monsoonal flows are starting this week and hopefully we will get some rain and cooler temperatures in the afternoons. So far the stream temps have only reached 65 – 68 for highs and low 50’s in the morning. Once the temperature hits 70 degrees we stop fishing, and only fish the mornings till 1 or 2 o’clock.

Below the dam, the big flush of 5,000 cfs is over and the river is flowing at around 700 today. Lots of midges and emergers, some red larva in the mornings, then big macs and some foam wings. Lots of grey bugs were working for me.

Sunset Ranch has been fishing very good, we just hope the rain comes, we might loose some days due to high muddy water, but that will be welcomed to have cooler water temps for the fish. I have also had a few good days out at the Navajo river. The tiny Navajo is flowing at 54 cfs, almost the size of the San Juan! The hopper dropper rig has been working well on the Navajo and all of our Forest Service permitted streams.

Below are some more pictures.

Scott Taylor

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