Tuesday, February 16, 2016

It is almost Spring Time!

Not quite yet, but it felt like it last week with temperatures in the 40's on the mountain and mid - 50's in Pagosa Springs. The local streams are still all frozen except for the town stretch where the hot springs keep the water open. The best fishing options locally are parts of the Animas and the Lower San Juan. The lower Juan is a little green with the lake turning over, but there is still a good 3 feet of visibility.

Sarah wanted to go get a fish fix on Valentines Day, and take a Sunday off from skiing at Wolf Creek. Sarah landed 10 fish, said she was good and we headed back to Pagosa. In a hour and a half I switched her set up 8 times with flies and several other times, moving the indicator up or down, and adding, or taking away weight. Below the dam, it is very important to keep changing to stay on the fish. We stopped fishing at 12:45, at 12 we started fishing gray foam wings, at 12 :45 started to see some BWO's getting sipped down from the surface by hungry trout. Try to stay in front of the hatch!

Don't forget to book you Spring fishing trips early this year. The second and third weeks of March will book up first.

Spring Tarpon Season is right around the corner!
If you have ever had the itch to fly fish in the saltwater or have fished other areas in the Salt you need to check out Fly Fishing in the Everglades Nat. Park and the 10,000 Islands on the West Coast of Florida. For the upcoming Tarpon Season, I am offering readers of this fishing report some big savings. For fishing trips in April & May of 2016 that are 3 days or longer, the rate will be $450 a day. A savings of $100 a day!

Make sure to visit the Laid Up Charters web site (http://www.laidupcharters.com).

Scott Taylor

While you are in town make sure that you visit the following businesses!

Need Fly Fishing gear? See Pop's
Let it Fly
 Downtown Pagosa Springs, across from Kip’s

Hungry for Adventure?
Pagosa Outside Adventures - Rafting, Biking, Kayaking, Tubing
Downtown Pagosa Springs

Need Ski Rentals?
Pagosa Ski Rental (PSR)
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