Thursday, August 15, 2013

August fly fishing in Pagosa Country!

     We have had a lot of much needed rain lately. Some of the rivers and streams have been blown out, looking like dark chocolate milk, while others ended up a milky green. Luckily we have always been able to find some clear water. Sometimes it has been clear on the Upper Piedra or Turkey Creek, then other days they were muddy.

     Below the dam has been clear through all of this and the fishing has been great, with only minor changes in the flows, which have not affected the fish much. Last week we had some great dry fly action, most of the fish were taken on Dead Chickens or single midges. Two afternoons ago we had some mayfly action around Duranglers Corner with some Pale Evening Duns. At that time I had on a CDC Griffiths Nat, and they hammered it.

I got the Tarpon, but he still has some very cool ones left.
Let it Fly
Located on Put hill, just West of Downtown Pagosa Springs.

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Here are some pictures from the last 2 weeks.
Cory with his First Fish on the Fly!

"Fish On"

Part of the Gissler crew.
Jenny on her big day, taking it to the boys with 13 fish in the net. All on dry flies!
Steve with a pretty bow on the lower Juan.
It is all High Fives on a small mountain stream with Kevin.
The fish were not big, but we found fish. Kevin wanted to fish Turkey Creek but it was blown out.
It never rained on us, but 2 hours later this steam turned to chocolate milk!
Brianna with the first fish of the day!
Awesome jaw on a rainbow from the lower Juan on a float trip.
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Let it Fly
Located on Put hill, just West of Downtown Pagosa Springs.

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