Tuesday, April 12, 2016

I am down in the Everglades getting ready to head out and look for some Redfish at low tide. We have had some big winds, but even with that we are still finding fish and making them eat. The water temp is still a bit on the cool side (76 -78 degrees) due to evening lows around 60. Definitely jacket weather on some of the long runs in the morning. The one good thing with the big wind, it blew in some water way in the back, where we were pushing the boat on the bottom and could not get to fish that were 100 yards away crushing glass minnows with their backs out of the water. Amazing to see! Wading was not an option, mud up to your thighs, and of course – gators.

Lows this week are going to be in the upper 60’s to 70 degrees and the wind forecast is for it to a lot lighter this week. The Tarpon fishing should improve as we get closer to May.

Back in CO, the run off has begun. Flows have been between 600 – 900 with a chance of rain all week and a little snow on the weekend. Every time there is a cold front, run off will slow down and the fishing will improve. Try some of Pop’s Squirmy Worms!

Below the dam on the Lower San Juan the flows are a 500 and will remain there until mid-May. Then the river will ramp up to 5,000 cfs for 33 days. It has been a while since the river has been flushed out. This will make the fishing great for the summer. If you wade with the high flows I would suggest wearing a life jacket.

We have also added a new Private Property trip, on the Navajo River. This is a 3 mile stretch that also has 2 large ponds. I visited the ponds in the winter where one pond had water coming into it, and was not frozen. I saw some very big Rainbows.  This ranch is going to start a 3 year stream improvement project this fall. We are very excited about this property.

Scott Taylor

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