Monday, January 16, 2012

1/15/2012 Fishing Report

The fishing below the dam on the San Juan River has been very good! The water is still on the dirty side, Navajo Resevoior is turning over, but that is not bothering the fish. For the last few weeks we have been catching fish on red larva, grey and black kf's, grey fluff baetis, and my new HCPT, a micro tubbing pheasant tail.

This was Brad's first Trout on the fly! He is now hooked.

On Brad's trip we landed over 20 fish, nothing big, although 2 fish around 18 - 20 inches did break us off. Our set up for most of the fish, consisted of a # 6 or #8 shot about a foot above the point fly (red larva, or leech most of the day) and then our strike incicator was posistioned between 2 - 3 feet above that. All of our fishing was done wading in the braids above the T Hole. The air temp has been cool in the mornings, but getting above frezzing before noon, and the crowds on the river are gone.

Brad had a great day. The fishing was so good that we even got to work on his fish handling skills. On this last fish, he is holding the fish like a pro, before the release. Way to go Brad!